Welcome to The Ecosystem Incubator

Welcome along to ‘The Ecosystem Incubator’ a collaboration space for sustainable and regenerative fashion professionals.

We are a collective of brands, factories, artisans, mills, fabric innovators – over multi product – that see a different way of working in our new economic future. Where, working as one we can be agile, even more innovative and powerful as a collective whole.  We at the Ecosystem Incubator see our collective as if it were a forest..

No one tree can be a forest alone – yet together we share nutrients as a real living system.

Created with regenerative style leadership and living systems thinking, we started the ecosystem by collaborating with tech platforms Wondr and our future thinking partnership with Ethical AI – which is where the ecosystem will live well into the future.  For now, it Is a seed collaborative community doing business, sharing and creating joint ventures that have a win win for each player – so that everyone in the ecosystem thrives.

‘’Life Creates Conditions Conducive to Life’’

Janine Benyus

The Ecosystem is proud to work on new living systems and regenerative principles, working towards new economic values, creating a future space where the whole is seen and each individual in the system is also seen and valued.  We know that we are part of a whole and move away from being separate to being connected and engaged.  The product itself shall also be viewed as a living thing and we will be looking at integrating the waste back into the system with our circularity partnerships over time.

We co-created the ecosystem with our brand, mill, artisans, circular, theoretical, consultant connections and built the system with design thinking at the head. Our ‘founder’ for want of a better word doesn’t have all the answers, she wanted co-creation and collaboration to be built into the ecosystem at its core, in its compost, at the very heart of everything that we do.

Core values and benefits


One of our main outcomes is the collaboration on MOQs, on fabric creation and even innovation – funding new fabrics as a collective rather than waiting for a big brand to found new innovation.


In the B2B space at first we can co-market ourselves. As we grow we will be building into funding the AI platform and inviting a B2C space so that Brands can share with consumers too.


Our Trust Manifesto is at the heart of what we are creating here at the Ecosystem Incubator, we don’t want anyone to feel vulnerable in sharing what they are creating, so trust is built into the system – in these three key principle values.

1. Collaboration – Together, we do not view each other as competition but rather as allies towards a greater goal
2. Regeneration – Together, we opt for practices that help us create a sustainable world and we support each other in making those choices successful
3. Transparency – Together, we act as a team. We do not seek to better ourselves individually at the expense of damaging other ecosystem members.

Integrity , Transparency and Truth.

Being part of the Ecosystem will mean that you are in trust that the people that join it have integrity and will not greenwash with their product.  Through the eventual AI system we are looking to bring a traffic light system and are open to collaboration with other systems that provide this service as long as it is not detrimental to the integrity and transparency of our ecosystem.  We work with Ethical AI systems process In the living systems and regenerative practice so that the intention is always truth.

Intergenerational Respect.

That anyone in system has a voice for the future regardless of where they have been on the journey already.  Younger, older can both be wise and indeed innovative regardless, there is room for everyone in the ecosystem. We can create a more diverse and have more open listening to ideas and creations, breeding new innovation and possibilities. Mutual learning and understanding creating beneficial feedback loops.

Living Systems thinking,

That we are not separated, that as a whole we can start to individually thrive as part of a wider forest ecosystem.  Bringing nutrients to all parts and lifting each other up.  Living systems thinking has been around for decades, larger companies try it on.

To learn more about living systems and regenerative practice join our short course coming soon.

Join The Ecosystem Incubator to link with the collaborative and co-create your fashion futures, share your business and create thrive-ability for a connected future.

Key Collaborators, Brand Ambassadors and Advisory panel

Rachel Sheila Kan

Rachel Sheila Kan

Founder of The Ecosystem Incubator

Founder of Circular Earth sustainable fashion consultancy , coaching and building with businesses towards a sustainable fashion future.

Founder of the Ecosystem Incubator, and advocate of building living systems and ecosystem thinking in Fashion business structural development.

Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill

Founder of Ethical AI

Founder and Chairman of Ethical AI Ltd, Founder and CEO of leading AI development platform AIchoo

Collaborating on implementing long term AI system with the Ecosystem Incubator

Simon Hedley

Simon Hedley

The Joint Venture Company

Builds with ethical creative Founders & Visionaries complete their Vision Optimally using Relationship Capital, Simple Success Systems & Strategic Alchemy

The Ecosystem Incubator consultant on Joint Ventures in the collaborative space.

Bel Jacobs

Bel Jacobs

Fashion editor turned climate campaigner

Bel Jacobs is a former fashion editor turned climate campaigner, animal rights advocate and speaker for new systems in clothing.

She edits two online magazines and and is founder of the Fashion in Schools project.

We are proud to have Bel join us on The Ecosystem Incubator advisory panel

Tena Lavrenčić

Tena Lavrenčić

Founder of Thinking Threads

Anthropologist, activist, and content writer working with ethical fashion brands

Brand Ambassador for The Ecosystem Incubator

Sam Reader

Sam Reader

Co-Founder & CEO at WONDR

WONDR is a social learning platform connecting groups for environmental and social impact groups to learn and collaborate together

Collaborating on hosting The Ecosystem Incubator SEED space.

Charles Ross

Charles Ross

The fabric geek person / Lecturer

Specialist in Performance Sportswear Design & sustainable matters FRSA.

Brand Ambassador for The Ecosystem Incubator

Emmaline Vaughan Ronson

Emmaline Vaughan Ronson

Sustainability development proffessional

Specialist in sustainable Lingerie development, founder of Source Lingerie.

Brand Ambassador for The Ecosystem Incubator - Lingerie